Natural Backlinks: Those backlinks which other people build or create but not you. For example, if someone read your post and he or she will like it and share your link into their post or on website, then that backlinks will consider as natural backlinks.

Build your backlinks for SEO (search engine optimization):

The most common and best way to create a natural backlinks is through making quality content. This quality content matters a lot. If you write quality content, readers will share your content more and also they will post your content link on their sites or blogs. By doing this you will get good quality backlinks.


After writing a post shares it on social media platforms as much as you can. While sharing on different social media, you will get more readers and users that they can share this content link on their post or sites.

Before creating backlinks increase the social media share of your post. So that, it can be reach more readers and get more popularity on Google Search engine. This is a very natural way to do. As Google then thinks that due to popularity on social media this will get more good backlinks.

Few recommended advices:

+ Do not create multiple backlinks in a day.

+ Create only 2-5 links daily.

+ Create backlinks from different IP’s.

+ Only create high-quality backlinks.

+ Create both dofollow and nofollow links.

So here is the complete answer to question about how to build backlinks for SEO.